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Hãy cùng trải nghiệm trải hè Tiếng Đức , Tiếng Anh cùng các hoạt động thể thao, kỹ năng sống với các bạn quốc tế từ 12 đến 16 tuổi.

Creative, Sport & Adventure Camp (12-16 years)
Water, land and creative activities – you can expect a fantastic program!

Come and join the Adventure Camp Senior and experience an extraordinary outdoor-activity program which guarantees a lot of fun. There are a bunch of ways to be creative or active - on land or in water. The camp atmosphere is truly international and you get a chance to improve your foreign language skills.

You can expect many great activities ranging from classic to modern - pure action and outdoor fun. With us, you can try out new things, such as archery, street hockey, Bob the Builder, climbing and high ropes course, kayaking, canoeing, water sports, lifeguarding, mountain biking, table tennis, aerobics, BMX, Wild Mini Golf, self-defense, frisbee, baseball, fitness sports, volleyball, soccer, creative activities, swimming, language courses, English storytelling, playing guitar, theater, dance, acrobatics, cooking crew, horseback riding, massage, etc.
At the beginning of your stay in camp you will have the opportunity to choose your favourite activities. This means you can compose your own individual program. You get the chance to choose four different courses. In fixed group sizes, you will participate in each of your chosen activities 3 x 2,25 hours, so you will become a "pro" in your projects.

One of our highlights is our Hike - a 1-3 day hike and camping without tents. Here you learn not only to use a map and compass to navigate through the great scenery of Bavaria, but also to assemble your own shelters and cook over an open fire or camp-stove. This adventure is exhausting, but tent groups form a unique bond. Falling asleep under the stars after a hard day of hiking is worth all the effort.

can be booked at registration.

Horseback riding
You have the opportunity to join a horseback riding course designed for any level. Every week you'll get a number of horse riding hours from a nearby riding farm we have been working with for many years. Also part of the riding lessons is the “horse care” part - how to take care of your horse and to clean it properly. Horseback riding can be booked through the booking form.

A special highlight is a visit to the impressive team high ropes course including a flying fox and a giant swing. On Wednesdays we will visit the small town of Neuburg an der Donau with its charming old town center and its imposing castle.
Typical Day
07:30 AM Morning Sports
08:30 AM Breakfast
09:00 AM Clean Up/ duties
10:00 AM Project A
12:30 PM Lunch
01:00 PM Siesta / duties
02:00 PM Freesports
02:45 PM Project B
06:30 PM Dinner
07:00 PM Freetime/ duties
08:00 PM Night Action
09:30 PM Chilltime
10:00 PM Bed time

There are many "non-typical" days with special topics as well. We match the program according to the weather and mood!
Morning Sports: This is voluntary. From chasing frogs to jogging, yoga or fitness every morning we will have different programs for our early birds to choose from.

Breakfast: Our breakfast always includes fresh bread and rolls as well as various cold meats, cheeses and spreads (jam, honey, chocolaty spreads etc.). There will also be a rich selection of cereals and fruits. Of course drinks are included.

Clean Up: Now we will take some time to keep our camp and sanitary area tidy and clean. Communal service such as doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen or tidying up your own tent are part of the daily structure, so that everybody feels comfortable at camp.

Projects: In the beginning of the week you choose four projects in which you want to participate every morning and afternoon during the week. The first and second course you will join in the first week, the third and fourth course in the second week.

Lunch: Lunch is composed of a warm meal and a salad bar. Plenty of water is always served with meals and you will dine together with your Teamer (We always provide vegetarian/ Muslim menu options (no halal)).

Siesta: Chill out on your own, in the community room or on the comfortable wooden benches outside. For sure you can take a little nap, read a book, write a letter or chat with others. Your Teamer will be with you and of course be willing to play board or card games. This way, you will get some time to relax and recharge your “batteries” for the rest of the day.

Freesports: Whether you want to chill out while drawing and writing a letter or play more active sports, you will have the chance to choose from various options.

Activities: Here, you have the chance to try many great sports ranging from classic to modern as well as creative and adventurous activities. Every day you can choose which one you would like to participate in.

Dinner: We are self-catering and prepare delicious food either in the cooking courses or a tent-group cooks together with their tent Teamer (We always provide vegetarian/ Muslim menu options (no halal)).

Evening Program:
The evening program is variable and depends on weather and the fitness of the group. Camp group games with all kids, or our famous ‘Special Nights’- anything is possible. These activities will always take place with all kids together – also the two-week participants – so we try to build up a varied program.

Bed time: We want all our kids to get enough rest and sleep. Therefore our Teamers will bring them to bed with our very special Camp Adventure routine. The kids will get the chance to reflect on the day and then slowly doze off while listening to music or a bed time story.
Experience nature with Camp Adventure!

The Senior Camp takes place on a giant camp ground near Neuburg an der Donau (Bavaria). Located in the middle of a dense forest, you can reach the camp on a small path. Not only the two large separate grounds (1200 m² and 3400 m²), but especially the uniqueness of the surrounding nature gives our camp a special and individual charm. A small fish pond and many campfire sites guarantee an exceptional kind of adventure holiday.

You are accommodated - together with your friends - in 6-7 person tents with wooden floors. With your camping mattress and your sleeping bag you can make yourself comfortable. Of course the tents do not have closets and wardrobes, but together with your Teamer you can fix up your tent as much as you would like... there’s enough wood and other materials!

Furthermore, we have a separate heated „first aid„ tent ready for any camper not feeling well. The sanitary area is located next to our tent area. Shower and toilet facilities are basic, however that´s part of camp life - an adventure holiday - living simply! Other lakes and the Danube River aren’t far away and accessible by our shuttles. At the lake in Joshofen we can do lots of activities. If it's raining "cats and dogs", we have an open dining hall and a smaller cabin for great (dry) activities. In case a big thunderstorm is forecasted, we’ll seek shelter in the local town’s sports hall.

All in all, fantastic adventure places - perfect for CAMP ADVENTURE!